How does I Need Coaching work?

With Layered Systems

Life doesn't exist in only one area; we created the quadrants approach to make it easier for clients to deal with what isn't working in a specific area of life.

The quadrants overlap each other and cover all of life, working in this way prevents clients from getting stuck in something ambiguous or even absurd, like “work - life balance.”

The greatest benefit of our layered approach is that it makes it easier to see life laid out and remain empowered while moving thorough the inevitable Breakdowns and Breakthroughs caused by playing Bigger Games.

Our Programs (Included with the I Need Coaching Membership) make it easy for us to help you spend less time in the lows and plan for the momentum of the next high.

Read more about our signature programs below.

80/20 Planning

Working on yourself is as important as working on things in your life. Some people really don't get that to get anything in life, you need to work on yourself first.

In 8020/Planning we work through the 6 Essential Planning Habits to develop

skill and consistency. This happens inside the 4 areas of life and is designed for one reason - to Align your Productivity with your Purpose – so you can live a life you Truly Love.

Although not the sole Aim of 8020 Planning, a lot of the members shift their lives in major ways and take on impact based businesses and projects while increasing their free time.

You were meant for something greater!

It's time to step into your power and

take ownership of your destiny!

Reclaim Your Power

The “Reclaim Your Power” workshop is designed to give you a support system and tools to shift you from being “Dis-empowered” to being “Empowered” fast, so you can keep taking action towards everything you want in your life.

Starting with the "Reset Process" we train you how to remove upset in 5 minutes or less.

From there the Reclaim Your Power training will teach you how to move from “Dis-empowered” to being “Empowered” so fast that it's sometimes confusing to the people in our graduates' lives.

Our clients explore their challenges with coaches who apply the expert attention needed to cultivate wisdom, ideas and growth. This enables powerful solutions to emerge, greater impact to be achieved and clients to feel more energized and fulfilled by the actions they take.

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