Coaching By The Quadrant

Our clients explore their challenges with coaches who apply the expert attention needed to cultivate wisdom, ideas and growth. This enables powerful solutions to emerge, greater impact to be achieved and clients to feel more energized and fulfilled by the actions they take.

Why The “Areas Of Life”?

How the quadrant approach works.

Life doesn't exist in only one area; we created the quadrants approach to make it easier for clients to deal with what isn't working in a specific area of life.

The quadrants overlap each other and cover all of life, working in this way prevents clients from getting stuck in something ambiguous or even absurd, like “work - life balance.”

The greatest benefit of our quadrants approach

is that it makes it easier to see life laid out.

This makes it easy for us to diagnose imbalances and even anticipate breakdowns and breakthroughs in specific areas. That way we can plan for them with specific coaches, coaching and strategies.

"Anything that Shawn is involved in goes well. She is amazing and has an unparalleled level of integrity."

- Jeffrey T.

Home & Environment

This quadrant is really about how specific environments impact the person or the personality.

It's where we see everything from hoarding to wives who complain that their husbands love the car more than they love them.

It’s also about how some environments are empowering while others are not. You may hang out outdoors a lot but not be empowered in your extracurricular activities there.

Environment is really about where you hang out and whether or not you are empowered there.

This can include career and work as well as interpersonal relationships and the impact of the home environment on partners and family. The relationship quadrant overlaps to the home and office environment quite often.

Environment also includes your emotional environment. The reel question is which environments inspire you and which ones occur as stifling.

Are you free to play? Do they bring you joy? If they're not bringing you joy you may need to shift the environment or your relationship with it.

Some clients simply must get out into the physical environment, out in the physical world for hike or walk, something physical in nature at least once a week. If not people don't want to be around them or do business with them, it's a major environmental need.

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"Anything that Shawn is involved in goes well. She is amazing and has an unparalleled level of integrity."

- Jeffrey T.


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