Coaching By The Quadrant

Our clients explore their challenges with coaches who apply the expert attention needed to cultivate wisdom, ideas and growth. This enables powerful solutions to emerge, greater impact to be achieved and clients to feel more energized and fulfilled by the actions they take.

Why The “Areas Of Life”?

How the quadrant approach works.

Life doesn't exist in only one area; we created the quadrants approach to make it easier for clients to deal with what isn't working in a specific area of life.

The quadrants overlap each other and cover all of life, working in this way prevents clients from getting stuck in something ambiguous or even absurd, like “work - life balance.”

The greatest benefit of our quadrants approach

is that it makes it easier to see life laid out.

This makes it easy for us to diagnose imbalances and even anticipate breakdowns and breakthroughs in specific areas. That way we can plan for them with specific coaches, coaching and strategies.

"Anything that Shawn is involved in goes well. She is amazing and has an unparalleled level of integrity."

- Jeffrey T.

Business & Finance

In here we coach everything from the area of career right through to business owners.

Maybe you want a different or a better career. Maybe you want to take your existing career to the next level.

In the area of business, maybe you want to start a business or maybe you want to take your current business to another level. In the area of finances maybe you just you don't have a plan and maybe you need someone to teach you. A lot of people don't even know it even looks like to be accountable and responsible for their finances?

We also come across a lot of people who want to start a business but haven't done any of the internal work and so they have no idea what they're doing. Or unfortunately, they haven't done enough work on their relationship with themselves, which makes it next to impossible to support them in building something external.

“Business coaching often starts with a recognition from an employee or business owner, that there is something ‘not quite right’. They might see symptoms of poor decision making, or inefficient prioritization, or even lack of purpose and planning.

Putting together a strategy and plan involves a wide range of tools, techniques and plenty of talking and mapping – everything from evaluation of capabilities and leadership skills, right through to business planning, communications, operational systems and processes.”

I Need Coaching is a collaborative coaching community

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I Need Coaching has been a godsend of authentic communication & collaboration. Shawn Bearman is an extraordinary woman, and never ceases to amaze me. I'd be lost if I had not found this community.

-Eric A.


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